About Medallion:

MEDALLION 1 - liberation from acute pain and normalization of pressure. Also from painful menstrual cycle.

MEDALLION 2 - For normalization of body temperature and release of colds symptoms.


MEDALLION 4 - RELEASE FROM ALLERGIES (EVEN congenital), liberation from infections, varicose veins, body tremor.

MEDALLION 5 - RESTORATION bowel function, purification (30 seconds ROTATION and be ready for the results).

MEDALLION 6 - normalization of eyesight (even if you have BIG (-) or (+) for many years).

MEDALLION 7 - liberation from joint problems, gout.

MEDALLION 8 - CORRECTING its forms (BODY) - normalizes hormones and regulates the thyroid gland.

MEDALLION 9 - in enhancing the growth of hair and nails (for increasing the amount of hair on the head).

MEDALLION 10 - BEAUTY Release of wrinkles, facelift

MEDALLION 11 - breast lift, change in shape

MEDALLION 12 - RESTORATION, enhance potency, libido, enhance orgasm. 



There are 2 types of smart medallions (№13, №14) for dentistry:

Action of the medallion - 24 hours;

MEDALLION 13 local anesthesia of the areas with which we are working in the oral cavity.

MEDALLION 14 general anesthesia of the oral cavity for a comfortable cleaning of the teeth whitening.

How to use: put the medallion on his right leg near the groin (over clothing), then within 10 seconds of coming anesthesia oral necessary areas. To check and make sure that the locket began to act - you can, to gain additional peace of mind, applied to himself tingling in the wrist of his right hand. Once the surface of the skin comes in numbness - this will mean that the oral cavity in the desired zone further numb. (Dear doctors: this method of pain relief does not deny the possibility of using traditional methods of anesthesia on no account, but it is a very strong stimulation of the psychological state of the patient and help in bringing the mind of the patient to a normal, stable and comfortable condition, absolutely excludes any panic attacks, or the occurrence of any -or fears before the procedure).

Also, if necessary, you can use the medallion, depending on the complexity of the procedures carried out and the need for anesthesia. We do not insist on the rejection of the use of traditional painkillers, but strongly suggest that you should use, Smart medallions, at first , especially you can feel the result within 10 seconds after application :).

Wishing you an easy visit to the dentist and, a comfortable condition after!


MEDALLION 15  - from nervous disorders and aggressive behavior. 

MEDALLION 16  -  to help diabetics.

MEDALLION 100 - against any kind of cancer to stop progressive process.

You can apply up THREE Medallion at once, but is not recommended for one day more than THREE medallions! RECOMMENDED: Purchase "Pyramid - 12 Medallion" and if necessary the use of all 12 - to use one MEDALLION during the whole day (Apply during the whole day 1 medallion you have chosen in the MORNING ). THEREFORE: Medallion 12 is designed for 12 days of treatment, followed by 3 days of break, and then start the cycle anew.

Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» adapted and oriented to absolutely anyone, considering all psychotypes of PEOPLE. And as soon as you rotate the small disk thumbs at once COMES realization that you own FIRST AID AS IF rotating disk MEDALLION for 30 seconds, and then apply it on the chest NEAR thyroid, a moment HAPPENING anesthesia and acute pain tormented YOU INSTANTLY grows dull and, in many cases, the vanishing absolutely without a trace. The same applies to headache, toothache AND OTHER PAIN - joints, back, legs, etc. EVEN rheumatic pain, is sometimes unbearable - to retreat. IN THIS CASE is described a variant of embodiment «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» AS FIRST AID.

In ordinary MODE magnetic device is located in the neck, and regulates your blood pressure both in hypertensive OR hypotonic - Pressure normal.

The principles used in this device HELD LONG-TERM tests and trials, which was a lot - more than three thousand people a year. The given invention got many useful properties . It's wanted to CALL TODAY tomorrow already , when you will fee the effect of this invention!

Checking of the Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» can be done in three ways.

The first way: If you do not have the appropriate devices at hand, you only need to roll the disk of Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» clockwise at least 30 seconds, then attach it to the chest under the thyroid point upward. You will immediately get a feeling, and sometimes be able to see and visually starting to show up red spots on the skin, a feeling of great vibrations throughout the body (as a light pleasant tingling under the skin of the fingers and sometimes the toes) that will indicate the activation of the Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID -MAGNET "Your 7 programs to normalize the pressure, as well as the suspension of negative programs and start bringing the 7 programs in the plus (+) to the positive state.

The second way: if the rotation of your field frame diagnosed as left-sided (in red), then after 30 seconds of rotation of the disc all the 7 programs:


2. The program of fear

3. The program of hatred

4. The program of aggression

5. The program insults

6. The program of pity

7. The program of guilt

must be rotating in a right direction (in the direction of rotation of your chakras), and if the rotation of 7program of your biofield was previously in a right direction, it must be more stable and visually stronger ! (frame should be described at testing several full circles - a minimum of two) - and as a result just feeling full of energy and without pain, as well with normal pressure for you.

The third method: You can check out the action of the Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID -MAGNET» on yourself just by measuring your blood pressure before and after the rotation of the disk of Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET». The result of the normalization of pressure must be instantaneous.

Speaking about fakes, it's possible to get one !!! So be careful and cautious, do not trust the crooks. You can always write to us on site to chat and to report on their purchase and say the number under which you have acquired a particular instance. You'll be told weather it's original or not.

But once again, please pay attention to what is written above. Understand and do not doubt that the result is instantaneous. And in many cases, as soon as the Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» will be in your hands and you start to rotate the disc, you immediately feel the pleasurable sensations you release from unnecessary blocking, blocking your mind.

To create Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» ALL PEOPLE'S possibilities were considered and therefore the validity period exists in three versions, and the resulting value of the Medallions «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» DIFFERENCE within the prescribed limits:

Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» , valid for 1 year.

In this embodiment, the Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» is offered in the universal form and includes the possibility of the twelfth medallions. In this case, you must keep the card in a pyramid, where it is recharged energy and (at least a few hours a week). 2 cards embedded into wonderful pyramids, each of which duplicates the properties of the other, but at the same time - one hologram is focused on absolute health, and the second - in the material well-being. Recommended: in the days of special importance for making business decisions or financial - apply medallion oriented in this direction. In the case of immediate need to bring yourself and your energy field in order - use another medallion, focused on the rapid recovery of the state , the energy balance and health.

Medallion «UNIVERSE PYRAMID - MAGNET» , valid for 6 months.

One of twelve medallions, valid for 1 month.

Count down of validity starts with the beginning of card usage.

About Storage: do not expose to be situated in the water for a long time and do not let sand hit it .

Our unique and exclusive products: lockets and rings to facilitate recovery of the whole organism, the effectiveness of which is verified and confirmed within 30 seconds of contact with them.

Made with love from brand "KORJ FAMILY".  

There are lockets and rings in silver and gold as well.

Silver Medallion 965 samples, gold, weighing 15 grams, valid for 1 year, holographically oriented medallions with numbers 1, 10, 12.

Golden universal medallion (acting as a generic life, in two versions: the first option - to all family members masculine, the second option - all members of the family feminine inherited) 585 (or 999.9), weighing 10 grams .

Silver rings, 965 samples, with and without gilding, weight 15 grams, holographically oriented to a corresponding number of medallions - 1,2,5,9,10,11 listed above (valid for 1 year). 

Golden universal ring (acting as a generic life, in two versions: the first option - to all family members masculine, the second option - all members of the family feminine inherited) 585 (or 999.9), weighing 10 grams .

Activation of every product starts with the rotation of the disk or medallion ring more than 30 seconds.

Pleasant to use!


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