Smart medallions for dentists only!


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Diagnostic Mentalist Kolobok is focused only on the answers to the person who at the moment is the performance of their medical duties and, therefore, no one but the doctor in the exercise not only can get true response to a question about health or diagnosis of a human. It's impossible to deceive the Mentalist Kolobok as the doctor gets answers on the state of health of the patient from his subconscious mind, which he knows well, whether it is the subconscious mind of the doctor and whether at this moment real assistance to the patient in the form of diagnostics. So, the Mentalist Kolobok will never answer the question if there is no medical necessity. When was created this modification we did pay attention to the kindly question of medical ethics.

Thus, the exercise I've patented (the"Eight"), showing their effectiveness in 99% of the 100 cases (and the underlying discovery of me System 7 programs providing recreation of the human's body, as well as mental) allows us to interact directly with his body, and let me say it opens the door for us in the past and present for a full analysis of the offense previously, or that we're just going to do that. A more complete and detailed information can be seen in my dissertation on this topic.

I would like to inform all that on the basis of this technology I have developed several modifications and through which are achieved as described herein, the results called - Mentalist KOLOBOK and Universe Pyramid. 


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